HMS Illustrious (RO6) Comms Department 1986-88

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1986 to 1988 was the heyday for HMS Illustrious's Comms teams - were you one of them?

Between 1986 & 1988 the communications department aboard HMS Illustrious had a great bunch of lads that not only played hard but worked hard. They were even rewarded with the Fleet Communications Trophy in 1986. Bomber Mills swears blind we only won it because of him but I am sure Rattler Morgan's correctional training behind the SCP also helped. I am informed that  it was announced while we were in Australia and it was presented to the department by FOF3, Vice Admiral Julian Oswald in December whilst we were  in Gibraltar.  LRO (G) Louie  Armstrong accepted the trophy whilst  and the rest of the department were gathered round - with hangovers no doubt.

This is a website to bring back those memories of your fellow mess mates and runs ashore, share your dits, phots and hopefully set us all up for an annual get together.

So get your suitcases out of your lofts, dust them down and start email us your memorabilia.

The following TEN points, are designed to ensure that all Naval Officers obtain the best results from their Communicators.
1. When drafting a signal, always endeavour to make the writing illegible. To this end, also remember that lots of crossings out and insertions are also useful this ensures that any comeback on the signal can always be blamed on the Communicators.
2. Remember to insist that your routine signal is vital and must be sent immediately, and never, ever write a letter when a signal will do.
3. Try and concentrate on the important points. i.e. your signal should always be over-classified, over-precedenced, have an obscure address and an incorrect SIC. These simple ground rules will ensure the continuation of confusion.
4. When receiving signals always throw away immediately after perusal. This means that when you forget to take action on a signal you can always claim non- delivery from the Commcen.
5. Wardroom one-upmanship. It is important that you receive as many signals for other departments as possible. This enables you to place a very heavy load on the Commcen and ensures that when a fellow officer makes an error you can immediately inform the Admiral, 6. When receiving a signal that is action to another.
experienced signals users). 7. When asking Commcen to find a signal always omit such things as the DTG and Address. Correctly done, this can occupy a Communicator for days.
8. Remember that Communicators are entirely responsible for anything that goes wrong, such as the gasket blowing on the IR.s landrover. Never accept any excuse from the Commcen for anything.
9. Constant harassment for replies to signals that have not yet been sent is another useful ploy, as the longer you can keep a Communicator on the phone the less time he will have to send signals.
10. Finaly, always be rude, irritable and completely illogical when talking to Communicators. Anything less could be taken as a sign of humanity.

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