HMS Illustrious Reunion 2014

Reunion 2014

After a recent visit to Bath with the family it was decided that a change is as good as a rest and Skegness was struck from the board. Bath t'was to be.

HMS Illustrious cake

Most of us booked into either Annabelle's or the Park Parade for what was to be our De-commissioning celebrations with our special guests Margaret & David Parkes and the move of venue encouraged first time reunions for Robbie Robins, Griff, Jumper & Scouse Wooder.

Reunion Toast

Apart from Charlie dripping about Annabelle's (some things never change), the price of a pint and the Park Parade only doing a continental breakfast things went very well.

Everyone turned up in good spirits sporting nautical clothing including  Illustrious t-shirts, anchor  boxers, anchor socks, anchor shirts, semaphore t-shirts and Willy even turned up in a Forever Jack onesie..............Brum Spence would have been scudding us senseless.

Morse Code

Who will ever forget the Saturday afternoon camped outside Lambretta's? 30 drunken old Matelots playing pass the parcel, singing the theme tune to Captain Pugwash and cheering loudly if they won something as small as some self adhesive tattoos! The passing Japanese tourists certainly got their monies worth.

The reunion boys do Jimmy Nail

We all welled up as Margaret & David shared Simon's pictures and cheered as Skin piped the still to Margaret cutting the Illustrious cake.

HMS Illustrious cake

That cake was sunk as quick as it appeared......4 o'clockers obviously still very much in our blood.

A 15 year old bottle of Pussers appeared and was downed in old pewter rum tots, Tommy 8 pieced Froggatt......twice! We bashed out biffers on a morse key, Tony gate trashed a 70th birthday party and nicked the balloons, Skin & Tony did the traditional runner leaving Bomber to pick up the tab, Froggatt swamped and with Bomber appearing the sea shanties were obviously a plenty!!

June got drunk (oh yes he did), Frank held him up, Rattler dished out corrective training, Glopper & Tim argued, Barty issued Blakey with some rubbish bin grabbers, Wally again forced alcohol into his ailing body, Hugh was in good spirits spinning dits, Tony won the golf trophy (much to Luffy & Tommy's annoyance) and Robbie turned up 5 hours too late.

Memories were made, friendships made stronger and I for one had a fantastic weekend and very much look forward to next year's event.

HMS Illustrious Harriers

HMS Illustrious head on