HMS Illustrious Comms Reunion 2016

Reunion 2016

The Norfolk Broads was the setting for our 2016 reunion

HMS Illustrious Comms 2016

As luck had it, Scouse O'Shea jetted in for his first reunion and the sunshine followed him for a fantastic weekend.

We all set out from Potter Heigham for 3 nights of debauchery and surprisingly Tim and Wally managed to get us out of the harbour without any issues to the sound of "Hands to harbour stations, hands out of the rig of the day, clear off the upper deck, close all screen doors and hatches" (HOOTROTDCOTUCASDAH) being bellowed out over the 320........and so it had begun!

We set sail at 14 dubs and the Port n Pussers was soon flowing.........4 hours later Rosie was in bed........totally demolished.........where he remained until Colours!

Plenty of fun was had by all. Rosie still can't tie a knot, Pass the Parcel raised a few eyebrows again, Bomber in a mankini cannot be unseen, Skin wasn't too much better and the question still remain..."Did Pony interferer with Skin?"

HMS Illustrious 2016 boat trip

HMS Illustrious Comms 2016  reunion group

We must say a big thank you to Griff and Broad Ambition for being an excellent Admiral and Tour Guide and Howard for his rowing skills and finally ask the question "Who untied the ropes?"

Illustrious Comms Reunion drink 2016

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Until next year men......

HMS Illustrious Harriers

HMS Illustrious head on