HMS Illustrious Comms Reunion 2017

Reunion 2017

Butlins - Minehead the venue for our 2017 reunion

HMS Illustrious Reunion 2017

Another 80's weekend organised by Tommy Steele & Tony East who did a great job

A good squad in attendance with the first showing of Willie Morgan, which certainly turned out to be a memorable one!

Bomber set out 24 hours prior to our muster, travelled via every mode of transport possible and eventually turned up the same time as the rest of us, having cancelled his flight after realising that we weren't in Bognor!

The weekend kicked off with Luffy winning the Golf Wankers Trophy dethroning Tony East, last year's champion but soon moved onto drinking alcohol on completion.


HMS Illustrious Comms reunion 2017 accident

1st casualty was Willie Morgan. One swift stumble, claret everywhere and 9 stitches later he was back on it.

Fridays drinking left a few sore heads but after a hearty breakfast we resumed our festivities by drinking rum and whisky whilst watching Bomber and (Little) Willie parade around in Mankini's. Whilst (Little) Willie slipped into something a little more comfortable for our trip to the pub, Bomber decided to parade his privates...."Simply Luvleh" as Skin would say.


Pass the parcel was the funniest thing I have had the pleasure of watching for some time. Never, ever let Tim Froggatt near this again!!! Oh how we chuckled.

HMS Illustrious Comms 2017 Butlins-Minehead pass the parcel


Congratulations to Barty who stomped off with the trophy this year.

HMS Illustrious Comms 2017-playing UCKERS YA FEKKERS


Our theme for the Saturday night was convicts and how grand we all looked marching through the camp with our balls (& chains) on display to the tune of "Chain Gang".

Bucks Fizz had Tim steaming to the front to give them verbal diarrhoea but eventually had him dancing and singing to "Making Your Mind Up" and throwing his boxers at Cheryl Baker.

Illustrious Comms Reunion 2017 dressed up as convicts


Illustrious Comms Reunion 2017 Golfing competition

A good time was had by all and I hope you enjoy the memories and photos.
Until next year xxx

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