Fleet Communications Trophy

Fleet Communications Trophy 1986

Ever wondered why we won it? Well I can assure you it wasn't only down to Bomber and Rattler.

However it may be relevant that from when WOCCY Hugh Axton joined in Jan 1984 to leaving in December 1986 the Lust was flagship for every exercise that we undertook, except one when Invincible was flagship.

That exercise was terminated half way through because Invincible could not cope with the quantity of signals.

Fleet Communications Trophy

Hugh informs me that his predecessor in Lusty the FCRS and CRS Happy Day helped British Aerospace build the BA1225. We had the first one during 1983 but we had to lend it out until another one arrived and then we had one permanent machine.

There was one for each carrier but we would try to get a second one from the carrier that was not at sea. We needed one for signals coming in and another one for preparing signals for transmission. Without the BA1225 life was hopeless. But the powers that be clearly realised that the Lust's communicators did a brilliant job with the over worked ICS3 to keep the communications going without a break.

I can't tell you the amount of effort put in by the SCO to get that second BA1225. However it was the ability and willingness of the lads in the office keep things going that made it all possible. The Officers, I can assure you, did not have a clue how much effort it took.


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